Maria Editor in chief

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MARIA, Born August 1975
Measurements: Height: 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches), Bust: 96 cm (37 ¾ “), Waist: 80 cm (31 ½ “), Hips: 102 cm (40 “)
I am very conscious of my full tummy.  Whenever I try on ready to wear (RTW) clothing, I feel like my full tummy is being accentuated and I hate how that makes me feel. 
When I sew, I make sure there is enough room for the tummy in the garment and work on emphasizing my legs or bust instead. Then I feel great.

Maria, originally a middle-school teacher,  taught herself to sew, and obtained a degree in communications. While working full time as a teacher, Maria started studying design and fitting. She eventually started making her own line of sewing patterns under the name MariaDenmark Sewing, filling a need for sewing patterns that actually teaches sewing. In 2014 she also started a sewing magazine in Danish. Maria has been working full time since 2012 creating sewing patterns, teaching and writing the magazine. She translated several sewing books and is the co-author of Sy Nederdele, a sewing book with patterns in Danish.
Maria dreams of the day when every woman is happy with her body, so that women can spend their lives doing great things instead of wasting a lot of energy feeling bad about themselves. 

Sewing is so liberating! It allows us to sew for our actual bodies – and not for the bodies set as standard by some industry. In Sewing Life Magazine our mission is to teach you the techniques so that you can sew clothes that make you feel great about the body you have.

Nanna Visual editor

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NANNA, Born January 1982
Measurements: Height: 162 cm (5 feet  3 inches), Bust:  101 cm (39 ¾”), Waist: 80 cm (31 ½”), Hip: 115 cm (45 1/4”)
I am not that tall. I am quite robustly built, with a curvy body. 
I have always felt insecure about my butt, my legs and my short neck. Over the years I discovered which styles make my body look proportional and that has made me feel much better about my body. I have accepted that RTW doesn’t work for me. Making my own clothes gives me clothing that embraces my body type and who I am.

Nanna is a trained tailor and patternmaker and has worked in the fashion industry her entire adult life. She spent the last four years as her own boss, teaching sewing and publishing a line of vintage inspired sewing patterns at How To Do Fashion.
Nanna gets her visual inspiration from people on the streets as well as from Hollywood stars from yesteryear. She has a very creative mind that is always juggling ideas and visual plans. She is quite geeky and perfectionist but also goes out of her way to avoid hand stitching.
Nanna dresses in a vintage style and her mission is to inspire our readers to go the extra mile to have stylish, personal wardrobes. 

Louise Design editor

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LOUISE, Born September 1988
Measurements: Height: 183 cm (6 feet), Bust: 88 cm (34 ½”), Waist:  73 cm (28 ¾”), Hips: 104 cm (41”)
In general, I learned to be satisfied with my body. 
That is mainly because I sew all of my clothes. I am fairly tall and my body spans three sizes. It is very difficult to find RTW that is long enough and fits both my bust, waist and hips.

Louise is a trained patternmaker. Her former jobs have been in the fashion industry and in fabric stores. Louise, always creative, enjoyed sewing since she was 5-years-old.
She always works on multiple projects and hates to sit still without working on something.
Louise met Maria in 2014 as an intern on the Danish magazine. Since then she has been working along side Maria in creating the magazine. Recently Louise also started teaching a sewing class. She loves teaching and helping women making clothes that fit and flatter them. That’s also what she wants this magazine to do.