Printing your sewing pattern

With Sewing Life Magazine you get your pattern in three different formats: Copyshop, letter/A4 and A3.

You can print the Copyshop (36 ") version at copy shops or printing services like Patternsy, who will print and mail the pattern sheet to you fast and cheap.

To read and print the letter/A4 or A3 pattern correctly, you need to have the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
Check that you have a new version of the program installed and open the pattern file in that program (and NOT in your Internet browser) before you print.

When printing the pattern, please make sure that you print with No Scaling (also called “Print Actual Size” depending on program) to ensure you get the pattern in the right size. 

You can try printing the first page of the pattern first to control if the sizing is correct– it includes a 10 cm X 10 cm square (4” X 4”).
To assemble the pattern printed in letter/A4-format or A3-format, simply trim the right edge and the bottom of the paper off, following the dotted lines.

Lay down the sheets as seen in the pattern layout sketch in the sewing instructions, matching the dotted lines (there is an overlap on each page).
Then tape the sheets together and trace or cut the pattern.